Become a Pastor

Explore Your Call with Commission on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)

If you are looking to explore ministry on a deeper level, CPM can help you find your place to serve. There are two routes to being a pastor in the Presbyterian Church, and infinite ways to live out your call as a pastor. Some of our pastors work at colleges, others at camps, some as solo pastors, and some assist pastors at their home churches.

If you want to find out what trainings and opportunities are available to you, please contact CPM.  You will see Rev. Wendy Bausman Gray’s email below.

Most importantly, do not let money stop you pursuing your call to ministry. This video explains one funding source through Christ Presbyterian Church’s Parkinson Theological Education Fund.

There are a variety of ministries, but one Body of Christ.

Becoming a pastor

There are different pathways to become a pastor in the Presbyterian Church. But the general rule of thumb is that there are two key features that should be pursued together. First, you will work with church members to explore your call, and second, there is training. Below you will find some basic information, and forms that you will be asked to fill out.


The two main forms of serving as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church are Ministers of Word and Sacrament, and Commissioned Ruling Elders.

Overview of MWSOverview of CREThe Process

The first step to becoming a MWS is to become an inquirer. For this, please complete Forms 1a to 1d, and Forms 2a to 2b.

Forms 1a to 1d (Application)Forms 2a to 2b (Inquirer)Forms 3 and 4 (Annual Consultation)Forms 5a to 5d (Candidacy)Form 6 (Final Assessment)

CREs only have one application to get started:)