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Christendom is dying,
but the Church is about to THRIVE!

Feel stuck as a church? Have you tried these three steps? Getting started is easy. Name the reality that Christian influence and power is about to cease in the West. For more information, read Matt’s article in the Presbyterian Outlook.

The Power of Naming

1. The Power of Naming

Like a doctor who does not tell a patient they have cancer, Christian leaders fall short when they do not clearly state that Christendom is coming to an end. Without honest communication about our state of being, the church can not move forward to more fully embrace God’s near Kingdom of healing, wholeness, assurance, forgiveness, and salvation.

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2. The Power of Grieving

After having several honest conversations about the death of Christendom, it is time to help our people grieve the loss of the church that we once knew. As we mourn, it is important to remember that Christendom, established by the Roman Emperor Constantine, is not the church. In fact, as Christendom falls, we have the opportunity to reclaim the church in more powerful ways.

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3. The Power of Empowerment

After naming the state of our churches, and providing opportunities to lament what we have lost, it is time for the church to reform.

We will reform as we learn what it means to proclaim the good news of God as expressed by Jesus, “The Kingdom of God is at hand…” During this transition we will more fully learn and experience what it means to live into God’s near Kingdom which is characterized by healing, wholeness, assurance, forgiveness, and salvation.

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