Why MVP?

Our Vow to You

As Presbyterians deacons, elders, and pastors, we have taken a vow to…

“…pray for and seek to serve the people with ENERGY, INTELLIGENCE, IMAGINATION, and LOVE“.

We believe this vow is not only meant for individuals, but also for congregations and councils of the church to uphold.

As an institution, Muskingum Valley Presbytery is committed to fulfilling this vow by serving our community with the same enduring spirit, sharp-mindedness, creativity, and compassion that guide our individual members. We are not interested in offering just the basics. We pledge to work tirelessly to move the church forward.


  • We launched Prayer Lab, an initiative that empowers individuals to pray openly with others, and helps them to feel emboldened in their faith.
  • Through the MVPartnership with Canton/Minerva communities, we have been able to reinvigorate congregations. We are also in the process of initiating a new partnership in the south.
  • Our Leadership Summit has provided a space for leaders to come together, discuss and reframe their thoughts, and empower them with the necessary tools to better lead with confidence.
  • Our Mission Development Specialist has been successfully introduced to support our church members and leaders.
  • We have offered online video and audio trainings that provide practical and insightful teachings to help equip our members for their daily pursuits.
  • To provide the best resources for our members, we have organized a range of events and trainings utilizing various mediums to teach important tools over a period of time.
  • Our grants for churches, pastors, and ministries support the development of valuable initiatives that contribute to our shared mission.
  • Our organization has shared a powerful vision for ministry in a new era that is radically different than what we once knew, to ensure that our members can continue to engage their faith and spirituality in meaningful ways.
  • We have delivered dozens of empowering sermons that have inspired and motivated our members.


  • We launched the First Call Cohort initiative, which provides guidance and support for newly ordained pastors.
  • Our staff includes a competent and organized Stated Clerk, as well as other knowledgeable staff members.
  • We provide dedicated assistance for pastors to refocus their efforts and develop achievable goals based on the unique context and needs of their congregation.
  • Pastor debriefings provide a valuable space for meaningful discussion about challenges and future directions.
  • We are committed to maintaining organized and clear financial management and reporting, overseen by elder-led teams.
  • We offer various options designed to help congregations who are seeking to build a new future, through ongoing conversations and support.
  • We also offer training and support to other presbyteries seeking to enhance their organizational operations and achieve their goals.


  • Our Committee on the Preparation for Ministry is committed to redefining Commissioned Ruling Elder training, ensuring all members receive best-in-class pastoral training for local elders.
  • We provide a dynamic and innovative Mission Lab program, allowing congregations to create their unique mission strategy and plan.
  • Our organization offers creative pastor searches and models, including raising up new elders, resourcing beyond Church Leadership Connection, and utilizing a pastoral team model to move our churches forward.
  • We organize engaging field trips for both elders and pastors to introduce them to new ideas and experiences, inspiring them to stay engaged and committed to the mission.
  • Our organization contributed to the success of a recent Cambridge church merger, which led to a united and shared mission. This was done, not out of a downsizing model, but a forward moving and mission focused model.
  • We have introduced local leadership volunteers to work closely with pastors, providing valuable support and guidance.
  • We offer support for our presbytery committees through simple and easy ways to volunteer, helping to ensure the success of our programs.
  • Our innovative onboarding has enabled a smooth transition for new pastors joining us from outside of the PCUSA.
  • Our organization always prioritizes the building of strong relationships among local elders, as we believe unity and support are essential for the success of any community.


  • Our Committee on Ministry is working to define clear expectations for pastors and churches, establishing a shared vision for success.
  • We prioritize training non-pastors through our Presence Training initiative to help them provide Christian care during times of crisis.
  • We offer direct support for elders to ensure their spiritual care during difficult times within their congregations.
  • Coaching for pastors is available to help them overcome challenges and develop strategies for success.
  • We provide boundaries training locally and through the Synod to ensure healthy relationships in our congregations.
  • Our organization prioritizes the spiritual care of our pastors, ensuring they have the resources they need to stay committed and fulfilled in their calling.
  • We provide financial support for pastors who are in need, ensuring that they are taken care of in times of difficulty.
  • We provide support for local congregations in conflict, helping to create a positive and collaborative atmosphere.
  • We prioritize cultivating positive relationships with other church councils to create a strong and supportive extended community.
  • Our guidance for pastoral Sabbaticals helps to ensure that our pastors and congregations receive the support and care they need to maintain their enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Our organization encourages and guides hospice congregations and prepares and invites them to be legacy congregations to ensure their success after their shared mission ends.
  • We offer grief support and counsel for pastors (and their spouses) as they approach retirement.
  • Celebratory events and Witness to the Resurrection at the time of death help to celebrate the lives of our members.

Gratitude for MVP!

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