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Key Articles by Matt

A letter to ruling elders: Let’s help our pastors lead well

Every pastor deserves someone who loves them and their church equally, someone who can help them navigate the challenges of ministry and avoid aimless drifting.

A Letter to Ruling Elders

It’s time to rethink Calvin’s definition of “true church”

While Word and Sacrament are essential, they cannot be our lowest common denominator for ministry expectations. Instead, learn from Jesus’ ministry in Mark 1, or help to develop your own robust ministry expectations.

Beyond Word and Sacrament

The power of naming

Without naming issues, humans have no hope of moving past their struggles. As a 21st century western church, we have to name that our influence and position in the world has drastically changed in the past decades.

The Death of Christendom

Theology of leadership during crisis

When we waded into the pandemic, we had to prepare ourselves to lead through a crisis. Well, COVID-19 is not our only challenge. Need some tips on leadership? You will benefit from this!

Theology of leadership