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Training for the Reformation

It is no secret that the church is fully entering into a seismic Reformation as Christendom falls. This is good news! However, there is a dire need to shed old routines and embrace the mission of the church in more substantial ways.

The following trainings are essential, and will help us get started. Ask how you can host these trainings in your region. Each offering can be tailored to your need as 1/2 day or whole day events.


Help leaders of your church learn the practice and art of providing spiritual care. This is not the job of a pastor alone. It is the responsibility of the whole church.


Local church leaders need to understand the DNA of their congregation and their larger community.

This workshop will help your people explore what makes your church and larger community unique. From this knowledge, you can better provide options that will bless Christ’s ministry among you.


Jesus proclaims that “God’s Kingdom has come near.” During this training, explore how God’s Kingdom embraces the struggles and needs of your specific and local context.


God has uniquely blessed each follower of Jesus to serve at the intersection of their spiritual gifts, passions, and community needs. In this training, provide an opportunity for your people to connect with God’s call.


As churches, we often spend time spinning plates from yesteryear. God bless us!

When we blindly follow the past, we often miss the center of what God is doing in the moment.

In this workshop, learn to realign your efforts to the specific ministries of Jesus.


As presbyterians we have a lot of room to grow in matters of activation. We are skilled at thinking and dreaming. But we do not often know how to put plans into meaningful action.

In this gathering, learn how to build consensus, bring people along, and get moving.


More and more of our churches are returning to a time when there is less and less pastoral leadership.

The elders are the spiritual leaders of a local congregation. Over a series of classes, empower your elders to lead worship without a pastor. Today is the day to get start eldering.


One sign of health within a local congregation is learning how to be in community together. This means that we help one another grow, gently guide one another, share open and honest communication, and name unhealthy behavior. If you have ever heard a phrase like, “I am leaving the church if…,” you need this training.


In most congregations, our sessions are organizers of church work and events. There is a time and place for this. But the spiritual leaders of a congregation are called to so much more!

In this workshop, learn how to reframe, restructure, and rework what you do at session meetings. Chances are, session meetings can be so much more life-giving than what you currently experience.


Do you have leaders in your congregation who are afraid to lead spontaneous prayer? You are not alone!

This is a common fear for many people. In this 3 hour workshop help move your leaders from apprehension and fear to comfort and skilled!